Pretty Boy=Ugly Sex


My friend and I were hanging out in a club,it was a weekend and definitely girls had to catch up and talk. Boy stories, who was dating who, and who was getting married. In short drama and juice was part of the menu. Two well dressed ladies walked in.One ordered a scotch and as if to drown all her frustrations,she took the scotch in one big gulp.They started talking and my ears couldn’t help buh wander off.
“….maaaahn..I tell you Zuhura,the man was whack. His performance in bed is zero.Other than his pretty face and pretty smile he has nothing to offer. His brother down there is as dead as a dry log.” This was followed by a hearty laughter from the other girl who was called Cynthia as I had learnt earlier. and their voices faded into the loud music.

These conversations are far too common  in our streets.Its not the first time that I hear a pretty boy gave a girl whack sex.It’s not an issue of hitting the wrong hole or an enjaculation that was not anticipated,these people are downright bad at it.

Most of the time a girl would feel honour or some kind of superiority to date a pretty boy. My sister don’t do it.Don’t try it ,save yourself the disappointment and the embarrassment.You know those luminarc plates and cups that your mother kept so neatly on the cup board Buh  you never got to use them until you moved to your own place,well that’s the definition of a pretty-boy.They are just there as a trophy to be stared at and when they get dust they are polished and returned back,back to the cup board. They are fragile;  like an expensive piece of art or pottery, but their functionality is zilch. And the most serious cases are the pretty men who know they are pretty.
If the pretty boy lane is how you want to go first and foremost I offer my deepest sympathies secondly and the most important you have to be psychologically ready to take control of his “brother ” down there,like literally.Baby girl there will be no pampering for you. His job is just to lie there and worry about his missed gym appointments,if the weights he is lifting are giving him the chest that he wants. Don’t even dream of getting cunningulus from these guys.They didn’t apply lip balm on their lips to dig down on your hairy know what.

A friend of mine (Obat ) argues that bad sex is a contribution of both partners and we shouldn’t consider an individual’s shortcomings.But come on these pretty boys are selfish,self centered. They think that them being pretty launches love making half the way.So its up to their partners to walk their way on the other half. Anyway you shouldn’t complain, its a privilege to get it on with a pretty boy. After all you were posting all over social media you for seeing beautiful kids if they took after their father.

I made myself a rule, I never date pretty men (no offence to my exes). I have heard enough stories and had an equal share of  experiences myself to know that pretty men are a no-go zone.
So  Ladies, most of you that want toe-curling,back aching, neck twisting orgasms, I know and I feel you.So kindly do yourself a favour and stick with the not-so-good-looking, vertically-challenged men .They would walk to hell,heaven and back just to please you how you want and as long as you want to be pleased.

Perfect for me💏


I know you ain’t perfect, neither am i and the two of us will never be perfect Buh you make me laugh and you also admit to your mistakes.. (Mistakes are human nature though) I will hold on to you and give you the most I can…
I know you ain’t going to quote poetry coz you hate writings (which I so understand)
I know you won’t probably think of me every time..(coz definitely you have other priorities) Buh you have given me a part  of you that might break….
I won’t hurt you, I won’t change you, I won’t expect for more than you could give…I won’t analyze
I will smile when you make me happy, I will yell when you make me mad and I will miss you when you ain’t around.
Because perfect guys don’t exist buh out there, there is only one perfect guy for me ♥
And that’s you… 😍😍


Art of being a girlfriend😜😜

Growing up I always thought that being a girlfriend was all about red roses
Dates on Saturday nights, little boxes that held expensive jewelry and always knowing what to say.I always thought it was about kissing in the rain,deep explanations and having a perfect story.
Being a girlfriend is soo much more.Its not all about being beautiful, attractive and hot for you . Its not about letting you chase me every hour and then letting you do sweet things for me. Its not about doing all those girly girly stuff to get your attention so that you can do whatever i wanted you to.


Its about being an emotional partner where in I support you in every opportunity that you take ,appreciate everything you do for me no matter how little.
Reminding you of the things you should and should not do plus because I know I can keep you on your feet does not give me a ground to manipulate you.
Am supposed to understand you,not just as a partner Buh as an individual too.
I will try showing you in any way that I can, that in a relationship there is only “we” and “us”.I know so well that a man has his ego and even when it may come a little bit irritating sometimes, I still understand that it’s part of your nature.
A girlfriend is just not a term Buh it also has its responsibilities.

Am your friend,a sister,your second mamah,a teacher and your best friend

I adore you


I adore you ❤KING👑


I am immaturely jealous of your best friend who gets to see you on a daily basis
I love the way we love some of the same things and I love how we love entirely different things.
My head is a complicated pile of thoughts, cravings, fears and dreams…
I have this tangled up nostalgia for the past and somehow the future
I am flawed, i am human and i am broken and i am trying ..I know am not an easy person to be with,I will drive you crazy sometimes.. Become a challenge..Buh You are different from everyone else and I like that. It’s refreshing to find someone different in a world where too many people are the same…. I love you and am glad you are here❤👌🏽


The lover

Your body is like a canvas, the monsters under your bed.. The demons rioting your soul, I will paint every shade the brightest
The Battles you fight valiant in your mind, the mysteries that you hide in your darkest crevices,let me in and I will help you
I will help you face your dark skies and adorn them with little stars
I will kiss your pain when you find it hard to tread again
And when you cry, I will collect the droplets put them in a jar a keep them close to my heart
I will glue the cracks of your heart with tender love
You are my soothing rain on summer day
You loved me and you destroyed me in the most beautiful way and what I bled led me into poetry
I owe you my undying loyalty
I love you….


Am afraid one day you will be a story. A story that I will tell my daughter when the boy she loves breaks her heart and she sees that she will die.

I will tell her how it hurt. 

How I used to cry myself to sleep and run a black river of mascara down my face 

I will definitely tell her, how my mamah left her work just to watch over me not to attempt anything suicidal. 

I will tell her how I looked at myself in the mirror and tear my skin thinking what I could have done wrong for him to leave.. 

I will tell her how I was able to see my worth, how I picked myself up and move on. Yes I will tell herAm

Buh I won’t tell her that at times I still think of you at night and wish that things could have happened differently.